eA210420_Stylo 5 LM-Q720TS A_YYY_110

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Device with conditions classified as A_YYY Passes all 3 inspections (Power/LCD/Visual)
All devices power on and LCDs light up. LCDs pass a visual examination, but defects such as dead pixels are allowed as long as they smaller than a pencil eraser.
LCD pass may come with bad Touch Panel Device cosmetics will vary from A to D grade, but no cracked glass.
All stock located in US, winner has to collect the goods and pay for the shipment
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A_YYY設備通過了所有3項檢查(電源/ LCD /LCD蓋板)
所有設備通過電源,LCD檢查。 LCD通過蓋板檢查,但允許的缺陷(如壞點)但是尺寸比鉛筆比橡皮擦小。
顯示正常它的触摸面板可能有故障 設備的外觀等級從A到D不等,但沒有破裂的蓋板。