Buyer Help 

Videos, FAQs and other information to help you as a Buyer.

We have provided some helpful videos, FAQs and other information to help you.


Do you have a website where I can place bids?

Yes just click on the marketplace menu at the top and you will be redirected to the web bidding.

When I try and login, the app says my account needs to be approved, what gives?

To make sure all of our Buyers are legitimate we go through a verification process.  This can take up-to 48-hours but usually takes less then 24-hours.  If you have been waiting longer than 48-hours please contact us.

When I try and register, the app tells me my password doesn't meet the requirements, what's that all about?

Passwords need to be at least 8 characters long, contain and UPPERCASE letter and a lowercase letter as well as a number.  Please check that your chosen password meets these requirements and try again.

I'm registered but I don't see any auction lots, is that to be expected?

Yes.  Some of our Sellers restrict the buyers who are able to see and bid on their lots.  If you think you should have access to a particular Seller's lots please contact us.

CPBids Seller

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CPBids Buyer

If you're a CPBids Buyer, click here to view the help page and get assistance


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