ecoATM icloud locked iPhone 13 Pro

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ECOATM ID locked Device with conditions classified as
A_YYY Passes all 3 inspections (Power/LCD/Visual)
B_NYY / D_NNY Fails Power but passes Visual inspection (LCD is not evaluated)
C_YNY Passes Power inspection, fails LCD inspection ,passes Visual Inspection
E_YYN Passes Power and LCD inspection, fails Visual inspection
F_NYN / H_NNN Fails Power & Visual inspection (LCD is not evaluated )
G_YNN Passes Power inspection, fails LCD inspection & Visual inspection
LCD pass may come with bad Touch Panel; Root Cause of CAN’T ON maybe owing to bad battery , bad charging or defected PCB.
Pictures for condition reference only; Sampling Result is shown in the Manifest and Public Wechat: CPBids.
Sampling result may have minor difference vs actual quality, No Warranty & no refund.
Winner is request to comply to Seller’s User Data Policy. We reserve to right to refuse the sale if winner is failed to comply
A_YYY 開機,顯示正常, 外观检验合格
B_NYY/ D_NNY不开机,LCM未测试,外观检验合格
C_YNY 開機壞屏,外观检验合格
E_YYN 開機,顯示正常,外观检验不合格
G_YNN 開機壞屏,外观检验不合格
F_NYN/ H_NNN不开机,LCM未测试,外观检验不合格
图片仅供参考;清单和微信公众号: CPBids 中可查看抽样结果。检查结果与实际质量可能存在细微差异,无保修,不退款。